Volunteers For Animals


Throughout Southeast Asia, there are animal rescue organizations working with rescued wildlife, companion animals, and farm animals. These facilities care for sick and injured animals who were victims of the meat trade, tourist entertainment, or the illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife products such as bear bile. Often these organizations lack government support and locals are unable to fund the high costs of caring for these animals. Veterinary capacity is low and these organizations require assistance from international organizations and volunteers from abroad with experience in animal care and veterinary medicine. The international volunteers and staff work at organizations in Southeast Asia under very stressful conditions, battling corrupt local government bureaucracy and lacking the financial and material resources to do the work they set out to do.

This project provides these organizations with the high quality media that they need to get their message out both locally and abroad. While capturing the day-to-day activities and the daring rescues they undertake, the project provides these photographs free of charge to the organizations to use as they need in their education work and promotional materials. The purpose of the project is to capture the faces of animal rights in Southeast Asia and highlight the work of those who are offering their services to this mission.


Lanta Animal Welfare

Ko Lanta, Thailand



Vietnam Animal Aid And Rescue

Hoi An, Vietnam




Risto Hämäläinen
Based in Mikkeli, Finland
Tel. +358 400 691 773