Risto Hämäläinen

Based in Mikkeli, Finland
Tel. +358 400 691 773
Email. posti@ristohamalainen.net


My career started in 2012, when I got a place as a photographer trainee in a finnish newspaper Itä-Savo. Quickly I found my place among the other photographers and ended up working there for over an year. Then it was a time to move on as I started as a staff photographer in newspaper Länsi-Savo. I worked there for two years, while getting more and more drawn into international issues. At the same time I also started my business as a freelancer photographer, working for several newspapers and magazines across the country.

I’m currently looking for work both in Finland and internationally. I’m also working on a long term project ”Volunteers for animals”, concentrating on people who are running veterinary clinics and adoption programs in countries where mistreatment of animals is common.